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How Are Bully Sticks Made?

Understanding where your dog’s treats come from and how they’re made are crucial in making informed decisions regarding your dog’s diet. Once you understand how bully sticks are made and how minimal the processing is, you’ll be able to give your dog his favorite chew and be confident knowing you’re giving him a healthy and natural treat.

Let’s go over how bully sticks are made:


The process begins when the raw pizzles are transferred from the meat processing facility to the bully stick manufacturing facility. This part of the bull is typically only used by pet treat manufacturers, so they are collected as a by-product of the beef industry.

The raw product is transferred in refrigerated trucks to keep them fresh until they arrive at their destination. The fresher the product, the more delicious the dog treat.

Since many other types of treats are made with the parts of the cow not preferred for human consumption, the pizzles are often transported alongside other common pet treat ingredients like ears, hooves, and tails.


Once the pizzles arrive at the bully stick manufacturing facility, they are cleaned. Any excess fat is trimmed off and any residue or fluids present are rinsed off before the pizzles are ready to be cooked. If the bully sticks are to be made into braided chews, braiding is done prior to cooking when the pizzles are still soft and malleable. One cooked, they’ll be too dry and firm to form into the various shapes you see in your local pet store.The bully sticks are hung vertically and suspended using hooks at both ends to help them maintain their shape during the cooking process. Without this tension, the bully sticks may shrivel into shapes that are difficult to cut down to size.


They are then slow cooked for several days at a temperature around 165F to 195F degrees. Manufacturers differ on the exact temperature and amount of time, but their commitment to fully cooking the bully sticks remains the same.

The process of cooking the pizzles at a low temperature for a long period of time removes the moisture and ensures a long-lasting chew that will be shelf stable for a long time.

If bully sticks are not cooked until fully dry, they are at risk of becoming contaminated with bacteria. They may also begin to decay or will go bad after just a short time.



After cooking, the bully sticks must be trimmed and shaped as they are typically between 24 and 36 inches long at this stage. You may be able to find full-length bully sticks if you prefer this size, but most are trimmed to more manageable lengths.





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